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TFP 2014 - Chimney Cabinet

Monday, 13 January 2014
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The Furniture Project 2014 – Design|Build|Show Challenge

Chimney Cabinet

This year, we want to bring The Furniture Project back down to fundamentals.  Part of the beauty of custom furniture is not only that every piece and every maker are unique, but that anyone can create it if they desire.  With that in mind, we decided to go with a project that can be as simple or as complicated as you prefer: a Chimney Cabinet. 


Chimney cabinets (or cupboards) are basic storage pieces characterized by their proportions.  They are generally quite tall and thin, with one or two doors and shelves inside.  To us, they offer a great opportunity for easily customizable storage.  The only requirements are that the cabinet be between 3 feet and 6 feet tall, less than 24 inches wide, and less than 18 inches deep.  Also, the cabinet must have at least one door to qualify for our show.  Otherwise, anything goes!  It could have two or more doors, glass panels, drawers, lights, wheels… you get the idea.  The additional wrinkle we have added is a short timeline.  A lot of makers get caught overthinking and we really want to encourage you to get in the shop and get to work.  A short timeline and a simple design make this project very attainable.  We cannot wait to see what you all come up with!


For inspiration, be sure to check out our pinterest board:


Also, hop over to the Call for Entries for details about the rules and eligibility:


Recap: The Furniture Project 2013 - Foxboro

Thursday, 02 May 2013
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This year, The Furniture Project extended its reach a little to the South with a space at the New England Home Show in Foxboro.  The goal of this show was slightly different from what we do in Boston.  While Boston is about getting a lot of great work in front of homeowners, in Foxboro, we highlighted the process of creating a custom piece.  The result was a smaller, more focused booth which received comments and praise throughout the weekend.
Kevin Mack

The booth had three parts.  The two makers, Kevin Mack and Ryan Messier, each had one end of the booth.  Their spaces were sited on the corners to gain them maximum traffic throughout the show.  Ryan brought select pieces and kept busy carving a sign, which garnered much attention.  Kevin eschewed demonstration to keep the focus on the final products.  He was able to mitigate consumer/salesperson discomfort both through his demeanor and his arrangement.  Kevin laid his area out like a living room, with ample seating.  This is a tactic he has used for a number of years and always results in people interacting with his furniture.


The Home Show at Patriot Place

Friday, 22 March 2013
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This year, for the first time, The Furniture Project is holding a second show, this time outside of Boston (though only slightly) March 22-24, 2013. We will have a booth at the the Home Show at Patriot Place in Foxboro, home of the New England Patriots. The event is inside the Dana Farber Field House which is normally used as the Patriots' practice field. This weekend it has been transformed into an event hall with hundreds of vendors.

Kevin Mack
Since this is a new show in a new place, we decided to take a new direction with the booth. The space will be focused on the process of making custom furniture. In particular, we will focus on a reproduction "lolling chair." The chair will be displayed at various stages of a build. First, we have a working drawing, patterns, and some books for research. Second, the rough stock is laid out showing how a maker takes time to consider the material including wood type, grain pattern, and even the growth rings. Third is the stickered wood after milling. Many people don't think of sticking as a crucial step, but it highlights a makers understanding of the medium. Fourth is a partial frame with the joinery complete. Parts are still blocky and much fitting needs to be done, but machinery has gotten it most of the way. Our fifth exhibit is a nearly completed frame. The joints have been hand fit and the shaping of parts has begun. Finally, we have a completed chair with the upholstery. All weekend we will be working through the stages, fairing patterns, planing stock, fitting joints, and shaping parts.

Ryan Messier
In addition to this exhibit, we will feature the work of Kevin Mack and Ryan Messier. Through past involvement with The Furniture Project, they have shown year after year their commitment to and ability to produce high quality furniture for clients. Throughout the weekend, they will be working on and discussing various aspects of their own work.


The hours for the show this weekend:

Friday, March 22: 2pm - 9pm
Saturday, March 23: 10am - 9pm
Sunday, March 24: 10am - 6pm


Come spend time with us and all of the exhibitors at the Home Show at Patriot Place. For more information, visit


2013 - Cabinets-On-Stand

Saturday, 09 March 2013
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For the inaugural year of The Furniture Project, we wanted to give makers a chance to stand out with their furniture.  We removed all restrictions on size and shape.  This time, as long as the piece met the requirements of function, it was eligible.  In general, the furniture simply had to be a “Cabinet-on-Stand.”  Here were the details:

Build a creative form of the "cabinet-on-stand,"
a piece serving the function of raised storage.
The piece must have a base with legs, the "stand."
The stand must be able to separate from the cabinet for transport.
The piece must be built primarily from solid woods.
The use of veneers is acceptable.

As always, the Interpretive Category allows each person to express his or her individual style through a common form.  Our exhibitors truly exemplified this concept.  We displayed 7 cabinets ranging from exact reproduction to politically charged studio furniture.  Each cabinet was entirely unique both in form and style.  The two traditional forms were executed in entirely opposite ways, while the contemporary works ranged in size and shape as singular as their makers. 

We congratulate Sean McKenzie on winning “Best Interpretive Piece” for his Voting Booth.  View the pieces below and let us know which is your favorite.


Sean McKenzie
Sean McKenzie, "Voting Booth"


Winner: Best Interpretive Category (Cabinet-on-Stand)

"Voting Booth"

Wood: Tiger Maple, Walnut             

Boyd Allen (not pictured)


Zachary Dillinger

Zachary Dillinger, William and Mary Spice Cabinet

William-and-Mary Spice Cabinet

Woods: Walnut, Walnut Burl

Mike Fossey

Mike Fossey

Miniature Cabinet-on-Stand

Woods: Maple, Walnut, Padauk

Matt Mullen

Matt Mullen, Cabinet-on-Stand






Wood: Walnut


Steve Skillins
Steve Skillins



Slant-front Writing Desk

Wood: Mahogany


David Yepez
David Yepez - Chest on Stand



Goldtooth Plaid Liquor Cabinet

Woods: Maple, Walnut




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